Wall Decals are typically made from vinyl wall stickers, decals, tattoos or wall vinyl. Our primary products – Removable Wallpaper, Wall Dots and Murals are different. They are made from adhesive reusable fabric not vinyl. It is the most versatile material ever, being repositionable and scrunch resistant. Vinyl decals were traditionally used in the sign writing industry but now have become part of the interior decor scene for both personal and corporate purposes. Removable Wallpaper, Wall Dots + Murals – Fabric polyester decal – Easy peel & stick installation – Removable, Repositionable, Reusable – Scrunch, tear and stretch resistant – Contour cut to any shape (minimum 30cm radius) – Vibrant matt print finish – Print up to 1m wide as a single piece. Vinyl Decals – Removable – Easy peel & stick install – Variety of colours to choose from – Any vector shape or logo possible

For piece of mind we provide full installation instructions with every order. Check out our large Wall Dot installation video here. You can also view our small Wall Dot installation video on our Homepage or on youtube here.

Removable Wallpaper, Wall Dots + Murals
Simply peel and stick. It’s that easy. Peel away the back paper, position and stick. Move your hand over the Dot or Mural working back and forth (starting from the middle or top or bottom, relative to size) to smooth it onto the given surface. Not happy with the position? Simply peel and stick again.

Vinyl Decals
Vinyl decals are a one time use but they work in the same way. Simply peel the decal off the backing paper and position where you please. If small you can reposition them during your first install but the adhesive quality may be jeopardized. Any queries please do email us hello@stunningwalls.com.au

Wallpaper, Wall Dots, Murals and Vinyl Decals will work on any flat and even surface including walls, doors, splash backs, ceilings, windows, metal, plastic surfaces, fridges, furniture, cupboards and more. The are designed to be used indoors only. They can work on textured surfaces but the adhesive backing may be compromised if the surface is sandy or gritty. For example a painted brick wall will be fine but you will see the texture through the print. We recommend keeping your Dots, Murals and Decals away from all heat sources for safety reasons.

*Note: For freshly painted surfaces and walls allow 3 weeks for the paint to cure before applying your Dots, Murals or Decals down. Our products will not work on any Wash’n’Wear painted surfaces and all painted surfaces must be correctly primed during the painting process.

If you wish to move your Wallpaper, Wall Dot or Mural, simply peel and reapply in it’s new position! We recommend keeping backing paper, so you can position the print back onto for transportation or storage purposes. Ideally for storage, keep your original postage tube and roll your print (on the backing paper) with the print facing outwards to place back into the tube. Alternatively you can keep your print flat if storing without the tube. Positioning, rolling and storage you print like this is very easy for Dots or Murals consisting of a basic shapes. For more detailed intricate Murals, extra care is required. You may need a helping hand to get the Mural piece/pieces back onto the backing paper in a nice flat manner. One done, roll up you print again and pop back into your Stunning Walls tube for transport or storage. While transporting your Wallpaper, Wall Dots or Murals, it’s important not to bend, crease or tear the roll as this could damage your Wallpaper lengths, Wall Dot or Mural.

Ensure all freshly painted walls are left to cure for 3 weeks before reapplying your Wallpaper, Wall Dot or Mural.

In order for your Removable Wallpaper, Wall Dot/s, Mural or Vinyl Decals to stick, your wall surface needs to be clean, smooth, dust free and dry. To achieve this, wipe down your wall/surface with a damp cloth.

*Note: For freshly painted surfaces and walls allow 3 weeks for the paint to cure before sticking your Removable Wallpaper, Wall Dots, Murals or Decals down. Our products will not work on any Wash’n’Wear painted surfaces and all painted surfaces must be correctly primed during the painting process.

Stunning Walls products are temporary but with care you they can last years!

Removable Wallpaper, Wall Dots + Murals
Our Removable Wallpaper, Wall Dots and Murals are repositionable and resusable but dust and dirt can cause the adhesive side to become less sticky. Hence why we recommend keeping your backing paper and tube for transport and storage. Our Wall Dot and Mural products are intended for indoor use only. Direct sunlight or heat sources can cause issues (the heat can effect the adhesive causing it to peel), so please keep your Wallpaper, Wall Dots and Murals away from all heat sources.

Vinyl Decals
Our Vinyl Decals can be used both indoors and outdoors with an approximate life cycle of five years (relative to temperature/weather conditions and sun exposure). The decals may not last as long if they come in contact with direct sunlight/tropical conditions for lengthy periods, day after day. Care is also required when it comes to cleaning around Vinyl Decals. High pressure water blasting can peel up the decal edge, so care is required when cleaning this way.

Removable Wallpaper
Our Removable Wallpaper comes in 1m wide lengths. The amount of lengths provided is governed by your wall width specs provided upon order placement. We provide an 10mm/1cm overlap to ensure your finished design looks its best – meaning no visible lines showing between each length.

Wall Dots
The largest Wall Dot we can produce is 1m round. This allows us to successfully contour cut around the given image.

Wall Murals
We can print up to 1m wide by whatever length (up to 50m long) as a single print. Most larger prints are made up of several lengths of product. We provide 10mm/1cm of extra print so you can overlap the pieces and avoid any gaps between pieces.

Vinyl Decals
As Vinyl Decals can comprise of various images and decal pieces, anything is possible. If you have a very large design, you are likely to end up with several cut vinyl pieces vs one piece. Especially if it includes various colours.

If you have artwork you want cut out of vinyl or want to discuss an idea please email hello@stunningwalls.com.au

Stunning Walls is extremely proud to say that all of our products are handmade in-house right here in Australia. All orders are made from scratch at time of order placement by creative humans who pay strict attention to the colour, detail and layout of your design. This ensures excellent quality control. Got a questionEmail us at hello@stunningwalls.com.au