Wall Decals that Move

Do not be fooled by other decals that you can only use once. All of our fabric wall decals, wall dots and peel and stick wallpaper are repositionable, over and over. You can buy with confidence as our fabric decals are 100% for your walls. Perfect for renters, office and commercial spaces and interior designers


With a little care your Wall Dots can be moved hundreds of times. Keep the backing paper for travel and storage.

Any Surface

They stick to pretty much any even and flat surface including walls, tiles, doors, splash backs, furniture etc.

Scrunch Resistant

If your print sticks to itself or your little one gets a hold of it, don’t worry! You can gently pull it apart again.

Peel & Stick

It’s as easy as that. If you’re not happy with your positioning of your Wall Dot or Mural, peel & stick again.

No Residue or Holes

No residue is left on your wall/surface and there’s no need for holes in the wall, with our Wall Dots and Murals.

Blockout Backing

We print on blockout fabric meaning dark paint colours or pattern will not show through your lighter prints.